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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Quality Control

At Puckerfish, we value exceptionally high standards. The founder not only has more than a decade's service in the restaurant and food-handling business, he also served as Production Planner for a high-performance boat manufacturer. With this invaluable experience, he understands how vital it is to know how and where every ingredient is made and when it was produced. We gladly share quality control measures with you.



When creating flavors, we wash our hands, yet still wear disposable gloves, clean coats or aprons and prepare every lot in a food-safe environment.


General Overview

When mixing base flavors, lot numbers are generated that enable us to track all the ingredients back to the distributors and/or manufacturers, while also enabling us to determine whether a flavor contains nicotine or not.

Lot numbers are generated and recorded as they are produced. Every Lot Number can be referenced in the Mix Log, which records where and when we got ingredients and any batch numbers from the manufactures/distributors, if applicable. We will hold hard and digital copies.


Lot Numbers

Example: 140400AP01

  • The first two digits (in this case "14") represent the year the batch was produced
  • The second two digits ("04") represent the month
  • The third two digits represent the nicotine content ("00" or "24" - meaning 0 or 24mg/ml strength)
  • The two letters following represent the flavor (refer to our Flavors Index - in this case "AP" stands for "Apple")
  • The last two numbers represent the number of times this flavor, in this month and year, was produced. If a second batch of 0 nicotine apple was produced in the same month and year, it would be assigned the Lot Number: 140400AP02


Order Numbers

Example: 1404MA000001

  • Order numbers are assigned to custom made mixes.
  • The first two digits represent the year
  • The second two digits represent the month
  • The letters represent the location the order was created (in this case, MA stands for Mansfield, OH - refer to our Locations Index)
  • The last six digits numerically represents which order it was for that month and year (the second order placed would be 000002, the third order 000003, etc)


Mix Logs

Mix Logs are generated as lots are created by the person creating the lots. Fields include date of production, appropriate batch numbers, PG/VG percentages and where all base ingredients came from.


In & Out Inventory

We will keep a digital record of when a new lot number enters inventory to be used in mixing flavors for custom orders.

For example: Say someone orders the custom flavor: 6mg nicotine strength Grape/Cherry/Vanilla. They are the 48th person to order a customized flavor from our Mansfield location and would be assigned the Order Number: 1404MA000048 - that order number will show us on what date the order was made. By referring to that date, we will be able to track which flavors were used to make that order.

To continue this example, we may discover that lots 140424GR01, 140400GR02, 140400CH01 and 140300VA02 were used to produce this custom flavor.


Expiration Dates

All lots and finished goods are assigned an expiration date. When a lot is three months old, it gets removed from use of custom flavor inventory and mixed for signature and standard flavors which are sold in stores and assigned an expiration of date of one year from the month it was created. Note: we always generate an expiration date with the oldest lot used in a flavor's production.

Expiration dates on custom flavors are set for nine months from the date it was created, by default. This ensures all flavors stay fresh and none have an expiration date greater than one year from production of the oldest lot.

It is generally understood in this industry that most e-juice flavors are good for up to two years, with proper storage.

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