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On Steeping

Steeping, as defined by the dictionary, means "to soak in water or other liquid, as to soften cleanse, or extract some constituent." In our case, steeping is about extracting and blending flavors through this process. The amount one steeps is really a matter of personal choice.

Our pre-bottled standard and signature flavors come pre-steeped, yet some people may choose to steep them even longer. Custom flavors are created by mixing flavors together that have not yet been steeped. In some cases, the flavors blend well right away; in other cases, it is best to steep.

A simple method of steeping is giving the bottle a good shake (about 20 seconds or so) before using it. Shaking blends the particles in the bottles and creates a more even, sometimes stronger and richer flavor.

Another method of steeping is simply to allow your juice to sit out for a number of days, cap and dripper needle off, in a dark, sterile and cool environment. A locked cabinet is recommended. You may want to recap and shake the bottle once or twice a day during this period. Always keep open bottles in a safe, secure environment, out of reach of children and pets.

If you don't feel you are getting the best flavor out of your juices, try experimenting with various steep times and methods.



NEVER leave your bottles unattended where a child or pet could reach them. Always keep bottles closed with child-proof caps. 



Bottles should be stored at room temperature, or slightly cooler, and never in direct sunlight. 

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