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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Retail locations are OPEN. We STRONGLY encourage ordering online and choosing the "Store pickup" option at checkout.

Online orders are for in-store pick-up only. Due to the PACT Act, we CANNOT ship orders through the mail.

Customer Reviews

" Mmm Melon – Ok, here we go! This one was complex and tasty. Not too sweet, which is good and I detected a hint of cucumber, which I liked. The flavor was sharp and it reminded me of eating a watermelon where you get closer to the rind and the airy sweet gives way to something a little more sour. My girlfriend liked it to caneloupe that is not quite ripe yet. I think both of those statements tend to mean fresh/crisp. We both liked it, me unqualified, and her with the opinion that it could be a little bit sweeter. I say she’s wrong, leave it as is. "

- Bill Y. in Georgia

" No fancy word play here. They call it a fruit, yogurt smoothie and BAM! Puckerfish delivers.If you were to blindly smell this you would think a fresh smoothie is waiting below your nose. I filled up my tank immediately upon receiving my order and wow I never expected to taste the creaminess of yogurt accompanied by a hint of bananas and strawberries. Whats even better is that the flavor is consistent from full tank to bottom. This is an easy all day vape and doesn't ruin snacks or drinks you may have while you vape. If you buy one bottle get this and make it a big one. "

- Matt S.

" Fruit Smoothie Yogurt – this reminded me of gogurt, and I caught hints of blueberry, strawberry, and maybe even banana. Just sweet enough. We both liked this one a lot. Very refreshing and cool and just … good. I really think you guys nailed the flavor on this one. One curious thing, my girlfriend doesn’t like yogurt and was hesitant to even try this one, but I assured it was going to be more gogurt/yoplait as opposed to greek to get her and she did like it a lot in spite of tasting like yogurt. "

- Bill Y. in Georgia

" Awesome! I had a truly unique experience. This place reminds me of the high end tobacco shops I used to visit before I quit. Great service and a ton of selection and a really relaxed atmosphere. I will definitely be back soon. "

- Joshua B.

" Peppermint – Altoids in a bottle. Wow. This was a REALLY strong flavor that I absolutely loved, especially dripped! I think altoids peppermint pretty much says everything about this one. Spicy, yet cool. Strong, and realllllllly good for a huge lung hit. Such a great cooling sensation on the exhale that it seemed like I could have frozen anything that I blew on. "

- Bill Y. in Georgia

" I dipped a little of the 'Fruit Yogurt Smoothie' on my Tobh atty last night and thought it was very good. The flavor came shining through and was very much true to its name, in a very good way! I'm excited to try their other flavors. "

- Blake A. in New Jersey

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