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Who Really Benefits from a Flavor Ban?

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With yet another supposed reversal coming our way in regard to banning flavors in e-juice, it's once again time to point out the obvious. Who really benefits from a flavor ban?

Tobacco companies, that's who. They, above all, absolutely WANT a flavor ban in place. Why? Because if the expert shops have little value over what big tobacco can push in a convenience store, it puts more money in their pocket.

This isn't about protecting children. If they wanted to protect children, JUUL wouldn't be a thing. When a tobacco company claims they are taking steps to protect minors, it's okay to call them on their bullsh@t, in my opinion. For instance, Phillips Morris and BAT literally have cigarette kiosks available at grade schools in undeveloped countries. They don't care about kids. They care about the bottom line, and that's what this flavor ban would be to them. A windfall to their bottom line.

But what does a flavor ban mean to those of us who struggled with tobacco addiction for so long? In my case, I may never have made the switch. Finding the right combination of device, nicotine strength and flavor is an arduous task on its own. Limiting avenues - which help get consumers off traditional tobacco products - may well have been enough of an obstacle for me to never make the switch… which again, is exactly what the tobacco companies want.

At Puckerfish, we will always advocate for education and choice, and we absolutely support keeping minors off addictive substances, but we don't lie about our intentions. However, we understand the fears and concerns of people who have been fed these lies. But valid concerns, based on lies, make them invalid.

We urge anyone with questions or concerns to visit any of our locations throughout Ohio.

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