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Vaping Advocacy And Why You Should Care

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Do you suggest vaping to friends and coworkers who smoke or answer questions about your vape for random people? If so, whether you realize it or not, you are an advocate for vaping. If there is something you enjoy, or feel strongly about, advocacy should be important for you. In the world of vape we need as many of you advocating for the industry as possible.

Most vape shops are small businesses, ran by local people, looking to help make a change in the lives of the tobacco users around them. Those same local shop owners in turn provide jobs to local folks and that money is put right back into the local economy allowing growth and more jobs in the area.

The media and politicians say we have an agenda, that we are an agent of “Big Tobacco” to attract kids young so they have more life long customers. That is misinformed and blatant lie. The only “agenda” we have is to help people break their addiction from traditional tobacco consumption, be it smoking cigarettes, cigars, and pipes, or using smokeless tobacco. There is no “Big Vape” and contrary to what the media and politicians will have you believe, we don’t want kids using our products or consuming nicotine at all for that matter. We have strict policies about checking for I.D.s and take it seriously.

The fact of the matter is, the only people who benefit from vaping going away are the tobacco industry, and the politicians they pay and lobby to. The current Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, claims he fights the tobacco industry in effort to protect children, while he himself received over $12,000 in campaign contributions from the same tobacco industry.

You have a voice, and you always have a choice. The day I watched Governor Mike DeWine demonize the vape industry without an understanding of our products or our mission I registered to vote. There are few things I am truly passionate or outspoken about, but vaping is one of them, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I realized that day, I see individuals of all walks of life, from 21 year olds who started smoking because they thought it was cool, to 80 year olds who were given cigarettes for free during their time in the US armed forces, and these individuals have all chosen to make a change to cut tobacco from their lives. Armed with the tools to educate others, these individuals were calling and emailing the Governor and the White House urging them to reconsider their stances on vaping because as of the moment it is a tool they need to make a change in their lives.

Our country was founded on the ideology that if you are unhappy about something to speak out and vote to change it. So let’s do it. Whenever somebody tells you something like “vaping is more dangerous than smoking” politely educate them why you disagree. Whenever your local politicians stand up and start speaking on banning vapor products, start calling their office, sending emails, or letters by post, and politely remind them that you are an adult of legal consumption age that uses vaping as a tool to quit smoking and that being old enough to buy these products also means you are old enough to vote. Encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same. Remember, politicians are elected by YOU to serve your interests, never be afraid to share your opinion with them via phone or email. Remember, in Ohio alone there are more individuals who vape than those who voted for our current President. Without your vote, these people don’t make it to office. Each and every one of your voices matter, please use it.

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