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Salt Nic Vs Freebase what is best for you?

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Over the last year or so we have seen a dramatic rise in folks switching to smaller pod-style devices and going to higher nicotine strengths like 25 and 50 milligram (2.5% and 5%). These small devices are everywhere and we are seeing more and more people going from high power box mods to pocket friendly pod devices, but why is that?

Traditionally in vaping we have used freebase nicotine in lower milligram strengths due to the throat hit. Freebase nicotine has long been the most efficient ways to take nicotine into your system, but there is a trade off, as you increase the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid it becomes more harsh. Salt Nicotine has a special ingredient, benzoic acid, that decreases the harsh throat hit and allows the use of a higher nicotine strength. Using a higher nicotine strength with as smooth of a hit as salt nic allows makes it much easier to mimic the hit and rush of nicotine you could have expected while still smoking.

If salt nic is smoother why hasn’t it completely taken over freebase? The compromise with salt nic happens to be why it is so effective. The use of higher nicotine strengths calls for lower powered vaping because the more e-liquid you vaporize at once, the larger and more dense the cloud you create, which also means you’re consuming more nicotine in one hit. The smooth nature of salt nicotine makes it easy to accidentally over use. The lesser throat hit makes it possible, if using a higher powered device, to not realize you have consumed too much nicotine until it is too late. If you take in more nicotine, salt or freebase, at once than you need it can create some adverse effects in the form of nausea, dizziness, and sweating.

How do you know which nicotine type is right for you? This is where you as an individual have something of a choice because, as is true with most things in human nature, there is no one size fits all in vaping. Salt Nic might be right for you if you were a heavy smoker and really need that rush of nicotine quickly. Salt nic might be right for you if you don’t care about big clouds and strong flavor, or perhaps if you just want something small and pocket friendly with a smooth hit. Salt nic seems to be especially helpful in people making the initial transition from smoking to vaping, or for individuals who find they can’t get enough nicotine to satisfy their cravings from using freebase and can’t exactly up their nicotine strength due to the harsh hit. Freebase nicotine might be right for you if you are looking for a big hit, a large cloud, and strong flavor. For some, vaping is effective due to the big hit, and a flavor they find delicious, for others it works because they’re getting all the nicotine they need quickly and conveniently. As much as I would love to tell you to choose one or the other, that just isn’t possible, it greatly depends on you as a consumer, and which fits your needs and life-style better.

The bottom line is, salt nic and free base both have their place in vape. Typically salt nic comes in a higher nicotine strength with a smooth hit, and is best used in lower power devices for your safety. It is great for cost savings as you can expect to go through less juice to satisfy your nicotine cravings, and is usually much more portable. Freebase is still a very effective way to get your nicotine, and can allow for more freedoms and options when it comes to choosing a device as it can work great at all power levels. You can vape more with free base because you won’t be consuming more nicotine and can use devices that have higher vapor outputs with stronger flavoring. While you might find yourself going through more juice, you can also expect to find a larger variety of flavors in free base.

Which do you use salt nic or freebase, or both? Let us know your thoughts and which has helped you quit smoking. Stop in to any of our awesome locations to continue the conversation and ask any additional questions about the two nicotine types you have! 

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