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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Precautions at Puckerfish with COVID-19

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Hello everyone,

We at Puckerfish are taking the response to COVID-19 quite seriously and intend to continue our efforts. We have been taking precautions on cleaning, wiping all surfaces down, door handles, and washing hands all between each customer. In addition to the precautions we have already been taking, we are taking even more. We will be practicing social distancing both from customers and other employees. While in the shops we respectfully request you refrain from vaping as much as possible, and if you do, please do not blow it in the direction of any other person.

If you are stopping in for just juice, we are encouraging online orders for store pick up at your favorite location. To help mitigate the spread of illness we will be temporarily suspending the use of our taste bars, but rest assured, if you get a juice you are unhappy with for whatever reason we still have our juice guarantee and you can swap it out at no cost to you. If you need juice, and anything else like coils or batteries, we encourage you to call in ahead of time for in-store pick up, or message the store you will be visiting on Facebook and we will have everything gathered when you arrive so you just have to pay. At this time we are also working to increase our order ahead options and will be notifying you of those once they are available.

For our efforts in helping protect you, as previously stated, we are continuously cleaning the stores, and will have hand sanitizer available for everyone. At the time, we are also going to have to refrain from physical contact which means unfortunately no handshakes.

We greatly thank you for your patience and understanding, these are trying times, but if we all do our part and take these precautions serious we can greatly reduce the spreading of the virus.

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