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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Our Vision & More About Us

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Welcome, Puckerfishers and Vape Enthusiasts!

Allow me to introduce myself and Puckerfish to you. I'm Matt Dawson, co-founder of Puckerfish. I want to begin by thanking all who have stumbled across this site for taking the time to peruse our website and learn a bit more about us. My story is simple. For over 20 years I smoked. For a while there, in the mid-2000s I was officially an "ex-smoker," but several years ago, as I meandered my way through one personal crisis after another, I picked the bad habit back up.

Blame stress, lack of willpower, or more importantly, lack of caring at the time, for getting myself hooked back on smokes. I finally dropped that habit. While I quite enjoy nicotine "bumps" when vaping, I have been able to cut down on the intake of nicotine to very small numbers. Putting it simply: vaping has been a godsend to me.

This "hobby" evolved for me. I desired to create my own flavors and control the quality of my e-juice. Many times I would try out an e-juice and be questioning whether I was vaping say, strawberry or some other fruit flavor I couldn't quite place. Some of the brands out there just didn't have strong enough flavors to discern. Puckerfish is my answer to that.

Extensive testing and high quality controls ensure our Puckerfish e-juices are bold in flavor and dead-on accurate in their nicotine strength measurements. We spend a little extra to buy our flavors and extracts from the best, while using enough of those flavorings in our base mixes to ensure Puckerfish brand e-juice won't ever leave one guessing on what it is they're tasting. We are indeed, a producer of bold favors, exactly as envisioned. We will never compromise our quality to save a few bucks on cost. It may sound cliche, but we mean it.

Some folks may not like their juice this "stout" in nature and that's okay. Everything in this world is matter of choice. What we can be is dependable for those who love us, never having to worry if this time it tastes different than last time (one of my pet peeves when I purchased from some of the others.

We are so anal about our processes (and willingly share those with you), we know you can depend on us to bring you great flavors you love. My next blog post will be about creating your own flavors and how you can ensure you get a great-tasting product, that can be repeated time and again to your exact specifications. For now, you've heard enough chest-thumping and PR spin for the day. But know this, we're genuine in our intentions and our hearts. We love this as much as you do and it's why I've personally staked my life savings on opening a physical store and bringing our juices to the masses. We hope you love them as much as we do. And should you not, please know, we are always willing to listen, learn and grow.

Until next time!

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