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Disposable vs Refillable. Are you throwing away money?

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At the moment disposable devices are all the rage, and why wouldn’t they be? The removal of flavored pre-filled pods has left a hole in the market for tasty convenient vapes, they come in a wide range of flavors and are fuss free. The trouble is the math doesn’t seem to add up on convenience vs cost. For this comparison I will use standard PuffBars and the Hyde Curve S vs our salt nic.

The PuffBar is $11 and has 1.3mL of juice in it to give you roundabout 300 or so puffs. The Hyde Curve S is $10 with 2mL of juice for about 400 puffs. Some quick math tells us the PuffBar works out to $8.46 per mL of juice and the Hyde sits right around $5 per mL! Our Salt Nic is $19 for a 30mL which works out to about $0.63 per mL. Based off purchase frequency for people using exclusively disposable devices you can expect to get about a day from a disposable meaning you’re spending $77 a week for PuffBars and $70 a week for Hyde Bars, even if each one lasts you two days that’s still over $30.

You can pick up a refillable device for about $45, with some being cheaper or more expensive, and whenever you buy a pod system you get a bottle of salt nic half off from us so $9.50 for that. Most pods or coils are $5-$6 and last a week to two on average. If we are conservative and say you get a week for your $6 pod and the bottle of juice lasts you two weeks, that’s only $15.5 a week to vape with a refillable device, so roughly half the cost of disposables.

Using a refillable device can save you a fair amount of money which is fantastic, but it also reduces potentially dangerous waste. Every time you buy a disposable, you have to throw away a whole device that could be perfectly fine if you could recharge it, and are putting a lithium battery in your trash can. With increased focus on sustainability and reducing e-waste, a device you can use for months or even years to come is a fantastic choice and way to save money in your stop smoking journey.

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