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As of March 23, 2020, the state of Ohio has imposed a state-wide lockdown order on all "non-essential" services. This means we cannot process your order, until we are cleared to work again. At this time, we are expected to be released for work on April 6, 2020.

About Us

Puckerfish offers high quality e-juice with extremely bold flavors, made with high standards and strict quality controls. Each one of our batches is tested for accuracy and all base ingredients can be traced back to suppliers and when we acquired them. Our custom mixed flavors, available in our store or online, are made with mind-boggling precision to our customers' exact specifications.

At Puckerfish, we also pride ourselves with educating our customers about vaping and making it easy for everyone, especially beginners and those who wish to have a nicotine replacement.

We also offer classes where we cover everything from making your own e-juice to vaporizer maintenance and service. Stop by our store to see the how Puckerfish stands out from the crowd, or just order some of our e-juice online and taste the difference.

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